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Yael Benattar

I am Yael Benattar, a spiritual teacher, an energy healer and a life change trainer through deep learning and processes towards a real breakthrough in your personal life!

I believe that creating an honest communication with our higher-self is the best way to grow, develop and reach our soul-purpose in life.

Let me take you through a profound process to empower yourself. Dare to take risk and take the first step, go after what you really desire in order to fulfill yourself fully and enhance your life with joy.

Choose to treat your wounds and traumas, open up to a new path of self-growth. Create a conscious possibility to transcend yourself and make an inner transformation.
Say no to your limiting beliefs and to the too familiar inner voice that directs you to self-sabotage, and say yes, yes to life, yes to joy, yes to self-love, yes to what is impossible so it becomes possible!

Today with the “Divine Intervention 2022” retreat, I am ready and committed to give you an empowering guidance,  support you each step of the way, using the discernment of all the knowledge I have learned,  awake your intuition and psychic abilities, bring you to listen beyond the words and hold the space for processes in times of healing.

In this teaching, I allow teacher’s wisdom to accompany you.  After years of practice, I have received deeper awareness about healing and a tremendous amount of tools, rich in perception and in life comprehension.

I personally invite you to choose the bright path for your life and register to “Divine Intervention 2022” Retreat to bring an empowered authentic expression of yourself.

Belinda Choong

I have always believed that I am courageous because I have always been very driven and passionate about my outerlife. Now my courage has turned inward as well.
Learning to accept and like myself, to forgive and be compassionate with myself has fueled my journey. Through  Divine Intervention and through much inner work, growth and transformation,  I have journeyed to a different relationship with myself. Now I can courageously love myself with a renewed drive and passion, redefining my life and living with health and joy. 
I would like to share this journey with you, too, if you so choose. I promise to courageously walk with you as you journey on your own path of healing and joy.
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Sylvia Theilig-Dohra

Sylvia is an open and sensitive person, with the aim of accompanying and supporting you in developing your own potential and in recognizing your true self.

As a licensed alternative practitioner, Yoga and Ayurveda therapist and meditation teacher, she holds the ability to balance your body and mind for achieving your spiritual goals when encountering Divine Intervention. With all her enthusiasm, dedication and joy, Sylvia is looking forward to accompanying you on this journey on the wonderful way to yourself and to supporting you with her warmth of the heart, loving care and clarity.
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Your learning begins once you register !

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