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What is included in the Divine Intervention?

  • Night School: teaching that takes place during your sleep. These teachings begin upon registration and their purpose is to help you be prepared for the Divine Intervention. Night School will happen during the DI and after the DI for a few weeks for you to integrate your journey.

  • Guidance and instructions through a continuous contact with Yael and Team before the retreat as a part of the retreat preparation.

  • Frontal studying, printed materials, yoga and meditation practice, participation in development personal processes.

  • Accommodation in a peaceful resort, including three meals a day and a coffee pause.

  • Unique classes from external Teachers.

  • Teachings of the Divine Intervention unique energy.

  • Experience a variety of energetic healing processes from the Curanderos.

  • A sacred space that enables personal growth processes.

  • Energetic healing techniques from the Curanderos to enrich your toolbox as a therapist.

  • A variety of group processes.

  • Cacao Ceremony. 

  • International participation diploma.


* There may be changes in the program during the retreat.

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"Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls."

- Joseph Campbell

Your learning begins once you register !

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