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With love from Yael


"When you register for Divine Intervention, it is the beginning of an exciting journey.

It seems that everything you need for your growth is coming together for you, the core of your own teachings is revealed to you, and you begin to receive the right experiences through which you will connect the true colors of your soul.


Enhance your abilities to create a new and loving expression of your life. Step into your power. Claim your right to success.

You will experience spiritual passion, awaken the desire to strive for the best you can achieve and discover the quality of love which lies in your own courage.

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"Journeys bring power and love back into you. If you can't go somewhere, move in the passageways of the self. They are like shafts of light, always changing, and you change when you explore them."

- Rumi

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Your learning begins once you register!

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