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What is Divine Intervention?

The Divine Intervention occurs in the creation of an inner an external sacred space. The sacred space is the heart of creation of Miracles, space where the impossible becomes possible.

Divine Intervention is a unique teaching that has been passed down from generation to generation, from teacher to student in the Curanderos Lineage, healers from Mexico who were descendants of the Maya and Aztec Lineage.

Esperanza Mercado, the last Curandera in the Curanderos Lineage, has summoned Starr Fuentes, the lineage holder today, asking her to put the whole sacred knowledge she had received in writing and pass it on to the Western world.


Divine Intervention allows miracles to happen in a sacred space, where processes take place to enable release of energy blocks at all levels and dimensions. This release makes room for manifestation of high and powerful frequencies, which in turn creates within you a quantum leap towards a unique healing and transformation.


This is a process of a miracle, where the impossible becomes possible and the laws of the physical plane cease to work in order to enable Divine Intervention. During this process, all what is not in alignment with the Divine soul plan will

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metamorphose and move out of the physical body. A magical healing is happening at once…

In this particular retreat, you will be learning and experience shamanic healing techniques you can only find in the DI program.

We have great gratitude to the Curanderos, Esperanza Mercado and Starr Fuentes for their willingness to share the incredible wisdom of Divine Intervention with us.

You are welcome to read an article by Starr Fuentes on the Divine Intervention Journey

"Your internal forces are revealed over time. I invite you to unit them into an internal leadership full of tenderness and power, while finding how to connect to your real desires, follow your heart and step into your illuminated path with a joyful certainty. It’s time for a miracle" - Yael Benattar

Your learning begins once you register !

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