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Program of the Inner Journey

The DI contents come from the Curanderos Lineage, master healers from Mexico that are descendant of the ancient Aztec lineage. This teaching was first passed on by Starr Fuentes who opened this tradition to the west and educated numerous teachers in order to spread this knowledge around the world.


The purpose of the DI is to perform miracles, to create changes and healing at all levels, to allow quantum growth of your consciousness and to teach you how to create a reality that is appropriate for the path of your soul.


During this retreat you will go through many experiences of empowerment and transformation with Yael Benattar's loving guidance.

In addition, invited teachers, will teach amazing classes, guide you and accompany you in your process.

From the moment you register and during the retreat, you will feel the unique DI presence. It will accompany you until your own frequency will gradually rise to a highest level - the shamanic healing consciousness, which will help you discover and connect to your magnificent powers and abilities easily, clearly and naturally.

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There will be exceptional experiences including:
  • Self-discovery journey
  • Deep cleansing and emotional work
  • Connection and assimilation of Dimensions
  • Connection and assimilation to Frequencies
  • Night school
  • Divine Intervention
  • Deep transformation on all levels
  • Teachings and enrichment by the invited teachers
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Processes of awareness
  • Letting go of blockages
  • Overcoming fears
  • Experience the Breathe of God- special healing of the Curanderos
  • Cocoa Ceremony
  • and more surprises...

In addition you will receive extensive knowledge which aims at connecting you to your inner responsible self, agreement to act, discovery of your authentic interior world and devotion of your life to your light.

You will receive and practice many healing techniques from the Curanderos tradition:
  • Energetic cleaning techniques
  • Heart opening treatments
  • Getting rid of negative thought forms
  • Relief of emotional traumas
  • Healing bone fractures
  • Healing eating disorders
  • Alignment of the nervous system
  • Healing for auto immune diseases
  • Trance healing work
  • Getting to the original cause of disease
  • and more
The classes and study materials will be mostly in English. German, French and Hebrew material can be mostly provided as well.
 * There may be changes in the program during the retreat.
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"When you really want something the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

- Paulo Coelho

Your learning begins once you register!

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